Terms and conditions

Vendue Terms and Conditions Policy


A brief overview of the application:

Vendue is an application where you can make bidding in real time. You can bid and win the auction quickly and easily. Also Vendue provide live auction option where seller will be live and users can see and listen to seller.


The goal of the application:

Facilitate and facilitate procedures for subscribers and bidders to participate in all types of auctions in order to save the time and effort of our valued subscribers and can register with the application at any time without the hassle of moving, waiting and the sun’s heat, after meeting all the necessary conditions for logging in.


Terms and Conditions:

1. No person, entity, or company has the right to use the [Vendue] application or copy it to their advantage, knowing that this application possesses intellectual property and whoever violates that exposes himself to the provisions of the Penal Code with the right of the owner company to return it with compensation.

2. No person has the right to register with the Administration of the application under the age of eighteen years, and if a person makes false and non-authentic data, he bears alone, without others, the criminal and civil liability towards others and all the legal consequences that they entail.

3. It is prohibited for any of the users to use the application to advertise anything that violates public morals or to use the application for purposes other than those designated for it. Those who violate these instructions expose themselves to legal accountability and the provisions of the Penal Code.

4. All items displayed in their condition are received as received from the seller or supplier and the [Vendue] application management is not responsible for the declarations, specifications, information and details that the seller or the supplier places in his declaration from them, for example [ownership guarantees - information received about the examination - vehicle condition - year Manufacturing] and the buyer is primarily responsible for reviewing the data, announcements, and information related to the condition of the displayed object prior to his bidding, without the slightest responsibility of the company and the management of the application.

5. All subscribers are obliged to update the application and ensure that the latest version of the application is used through your device's app store before bidding.

6. The bidder is not entitled to a refund of the value of the paid subscription as an insurance to enter the auctions until three working days after the date of the subscription.

7. In the event that the auction is awarded to the buyer and the required amount has not been paid within a maximum of five working days from the date the auction was awarded to him, after the seller's approval, it will be added to the prohibited list and he will not be entitled to a refund of the insurance amount for the bidding fees.

8. The subscriber’s agreement to the terms and conditions is considered as an acknowledgment by him of the approval that the inspection of the photos of the offered item subject to bidding is considered a complete inspection that is not valid, and that the bid submitted by him is the bid he deems appropriate to buy in his current condition without the company assuming any responsibility in the event of any appearance. Malfunction or damage was not apparent.

9. There is a floor amount for each vehicle that is displayed and it depends on what the supplier deems appropriate.


Financial Rights:

• The value of the advertised auction paid according to the type of commodity is determined and agreed upon with the administration of the application.

• The value of any other features shall be added to the declared auction value.

• The user can pay in cash through [Vendue] delegates and sign an agreement to manage the application to display the commodity to be displayed.

• Redeeming the value of the auction announcement is only possible if a system defect is proven after payment.

• The value of the violated auction ads will not be refunded.

• After purchasing the value of the auction announcement value, the user is not entitled to redeem the value of the available balance except in the event of a malfunction in the application system that prevented the advertisement from appearing as agreed upon.


Subscriber service:

• The accredited subscriber is just a user [Vendue] who has given us his personal data and signature. Therefore, the [Vendue] department is not responsible for the lack, accuracy and validity of that information provided or any complaint on the subscriber's profile, nor are we responsible for the level of quality of service provided by the accredited subscriber, he is responsible Full responsibility for that.

• Further, the [Vendue] department is not responsible for any loss or damage to any materials or persons as a result of the agreement with the accredited subscriber. Certified Participants seekers must be cautious and attentive when dealing with any accredited subscribers.

To provide greater confidence in the service of the accredited subscriber, a copy of the civil card of the accredited subscriber is kept with his signature of agreeing to all the rules and conditions, in the event that there is an official request from government agencies only, these data are provided according to Kuwaiti law.


For certified sellers:

Only the authorized seller is responsible for the validity and accuracy of the information entered on the profile. The management of [Vendue] has the right to prohibit any authorized seller without returning any money to him in the event that he provided false, inaccurate, false or false data.

• The [Vendue] department has the right to ban the account of any authorized seller without returning any funds to him if he continues to be badly evaluated or if complaints continue to be filed against him.

• The management of [Vendue] is fully committed to Kuwaiti law including the delivery of information available to the accredited subscriber if requested by the authorities.

• These Terms of Use are subject to change at any time without prior notice.


Privacy and user data sharing:

[Vendue] takes care of the confidentiality of user data, and the data is only shared within the limits permitted by sellers when publishing each auction separately, and this is done by writing the required data in the communication fields such as phone number and email, and take into account not to post any ads Contradicts the laws of the State of Kuwait, and when the user publishes an advertisement that violates the laws in force in the State of Kuwait or adds comments via internal messages or (Live Chat), he agrees to provide his data to the relevant government agencies in the case requested from [Vendue], and under the good and continuous cooperation between the Anti-Administration Electronic crimes in Kuwait and between [Vendue] management will be informed of any advertisement that violates the laws of the State of Kuwait, and users take into account not to violate the intellectual property rights and trademarks of others, and not to offend them through posts in internal messages and comments, or by posting abusive ads or through Live Chat , And in the event that [Vendue] proves that, we are entitled to provide the affected parties with the violating user data in case his data has been requested.


Intellectual property rights:

• The [Vendue] application, owned by KVO Service General Trading Company, owns all intellectual property rights related to the application, as well as all contents of the application, including data, images, and intellectual contents in all its forms on the application and on the website.

• It is not permissible in any way to attempt to quote the content of the application in a complete or automatic manner or a substantial part of it. It is also prohibited to use the content of this application in any other intellectual work or to include it in an electronic database. It is also strictly prohibited to resell, distribute, amend, translate or re-engineer any contents of this application. The administration of the application [Vendue] also reserves the full right to set the restrictions necessary to prevent any person or other website from linking or quoting the content of this application.

• It is also prohibited to re-engineer or dismantle the program used in the application with the aim of accessing the source program or the original code for this program or accessing the original structure of this application.


Waiver of posted ads and photos:

• The user is deemed to be relinquishing the advertisement and the accompanying images upon his upload to the application.

• [Vendue] reserves the right to re-use the images posted in the ads as it deems appropriate.


General Provisions:

1. The bidder acknowledges that all data submitted by him are correct and at his responsibility and do not contain errors or ambiguities.

2. The bidder declares that the auction rules and provisions are announced, clear and unambiguous, after the bidder has read all the terms and conditions mentioned in the brochure of terms and notified to him by [Vendue] and that he is familiar with it and is sufficiently and fully aware of it and that he is familiar with all legal provisions and penalties related to the conduct and results of the bidding, and that He accepts the actions, procedures, expenses, fees and commissions due on his decision to bid.

3. The relationship between the seller and the buyer through the application regarding any dispute between them. The administration of the application is not responsible for any obligation or responsibility of dependency or security or civil, criminal, commercial, contractual or legal compensation and has no involvement in this dispute.

4. The participant declares that the goods subject to the auction, whatever they are (cars, real estate, jewelry, precious hours, etc.) of the types of commodities offered in the application, are known to him and that he inspected and valued the value himself, on his responsibility, his experience, and his own sources, and that he did not rely on [Vendue] for the auctions nor The competent court, not the declarations and information thereof, nor the supplier or seller who owns the good.

5. The participant acknowledges that the real estate subject of the auction is known to him and that he inspected and valued it himself, on his responsibility, his experience and his own sources, and that he did not rely on [Vendue] estimation of auctions, the competent court, advertisements and data, nor the supplier or seller who owns the commodity.

6. The bidder declares that he possesses the right to participate and that he is neither prohibited nor restricted by virtue of a law, provision or procedure, and that he has the right to hand over the amount by paying him cash or KNET or a payment link as a payment of the value of his offer.

7. The participant acknowledges that if his offer is accepted, he will show the original agency that enables him to complete the procedures, and the remaining amount will be deposited immediately within 5 working days, and he has the right to hand a certified bank check or cash or KNET payment or an electronic payment link as a payment of the value of his offer.

8. The participant [Vendue] is exempted from auctions responsible for the real estate registration authorities refusing to register the property in his name or hindering that.

9. The value shall be forfeited in full in cases where the participant violates the rules of the auction in a manner that results in the missed opportunity to sell or his failure to complete the transaction without losing the seller's right to incur the two price difference in accordance with the law.

10. The auction will be awarded after 3 days from the date of supplying the total amount.

11. All orders and procedures are subject to the approval or rejection of the supplier (seller), and [Vendue] for auctions are not responsible for the outcome of the submitted requests.

12. The bidder undertakes to pay the fees and expenses of 1% of the purchase value, which is a commission [Vendue] in addition to 20 dinars, which are administrative and operational expenses for the application of [Vendue].

13. Register a new user at [Vendue] for auctions. The participant is authorized to obtain an electronic user name and a secret code to use in entering the online auction site, participating in bidding, and modifying and raising the offer.

14. The participant is aware of the fact that no one else is aware of the secret passcode and that he alone bears full responsibility and care not to enable others to view or use it and anything else. The participant bears full responsibility for that without assuming the [Vendue] application management any responsibility.

15. In case of forgetting the secret code or the desire to change it, the participant is only able to enter on the website to obtain the secret code or the alternative secret code.

16. Recent supplier decisions are applied in terms of accepting or rejecting the submitted auctions.

17. The auction is awarded after 3 working days (three days) from the date the highest bid is approved by the administration of the application after obtaining the necessary approval from the supplier (the seller).

18. The [Vendue] application for auctions is not responsible for the outcome of the requests submitted.

19. The bidder [Vendue] exempts the auctions from liability towards the Land and Property Department’s refusal to register the property in his name or what hinders that. The bidder [Vendue] exempts the auctions from the seller’s refusal to register the product in his name or what hinders that.

20. Every bidder gets a different username through the website.

21. The value shall be forfeited in full in cases where the participant violates the rules of the auction in a manner that results in the missed opportunity to sell or his failure to complete the bidding process if it is proven that he used false information and data based on fraud and fraud.

22. The company is not responsible for any technical problem with the customer if he did not notify it 24 hours before the end of the auction, without Vendue application administration bearing any responsibility.

23. Vendue application administration is not responsible for any defect that occurs due to internet speed during bidding.


Amendment to terms and conditions:

[Vendue] has the right to amend its terms and conditions of use at any time you like, and such amendments become effective as soon as they are published on the application. Users should review these terms and conditions of use periodically for the purpose of reviewing any modifications that may occur to them. The user’s continued use of the application after making modifications to the terms and conditions is considered as express consent of him to these modifications.